The Last Alliance Elf Warrior from LOTR


Today I would like to present to you my version of The Last Alliance elf warrior from the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game (also known as the MESBG or LOTRSBG).

This were one of the first miniatures ever made for this game, and one of  the first miniatures that I've ever seen (I think that the year was 2002).

Since then I painted those miniatures a few times, but I never had time to paint it in my recent years, when my own style was established.

Now that in collaboration with Monument Hobbies I released my own GOLD NMM PAINT SET I had a good reason to finally paint this miniature.

I also made a Free step-by-step PDF tutorial about painting it, which you can download from here: HOW TO PAINT THE LAST ALLIANCE ELF WARRIOR MINIATURE

I hope you like how the warrior looks like!

Ps. The miniature is entirely hand painted with a brush and acrylic paints.