Gold NMM painting tutorial.

This article will show You how I paint gold nmm. NMM means "Non Metalic Metal" so for painting metalic elements I use non metalic paints such as yellow, brown and white.
For painting gold nmm I use these paints:

- Golden Yellow ( Vallejo Model Color ) - 1.
- Snakebite Lether ( Citadel ) - 2.
- White ( Citadel )
- Black ( Citadel ) - 5.

On my palette I make washes using:
- Black paint + water - 6.
-Mix of  Snakebite Lether and Black ( 50:50 + water ) - 4.
-Mix of Snakebite Lether and White ( 50:50 + water ) - 3.
For making washes I add water to paint up to the point when it's half transparent.

As the basecolor on my miniature I used white paint. This way of painting gold nmm works only if You use white basecolor.

1. Using glaze technique I paint with my wash of Snakebite Lether and black. I move my brush from the places which should be bright to those which should be dark. I use a small amount of wash, most of it I wipe in a tissue, and then paint with what is left. After few first layers my miniature looks like this:

Next, I make a lot of new, thin layers using the same wash:

2. In this step I use Golden Yellow for painting those areas which should be bright. I paint it in the opposite direction to how I painted the dark areas, but using the same tehnique. After that I use a mix of Snakebite and yellow  for blurring spaces between dark and bright colors, where they aren't smooth enough.

3. Next, I use black wash to make the shadows darker. I do this the same way like in the first step but I start from spaces where there's just dark color. So on the wings of the eagle it is from the middle of the feathers.

4. In the end I highlight the edges with Golden Yellow and make few blicks with white paint.

This is it, as You can see there are just 4 paints and 4 steps. Sounds like a fast job, but if You want to have good effects, You need to use a lot of thin layers of transparent paint and it takes a while ;)


Edited in 2021:

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  1. Bookmarked! That is a really nice tone :)

  2. Fantastic thanks for sharing, enjoyed your black tutorial also. I have a SM chaplain to both tutorials will be of great help.

  3. I commented on the black tutorial, I thanked for your advice on chat, but here is one more to a true master! Thanks man for the excellent work and for the tutorials and advice!


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