Guard of The Fountain Court from LOTR


Today I would like to present to you my version of the Guard of the Fountain Court from the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game (previously known as the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game).

Tutorial about painting this miniature you can find on my patreon: 

Tutorial about painting Guard of the Fountain Court

One of the reasons why I wanted to paint this miniature is the fact that when I was a kid I also played with Gondor army, and obviously back then I couldn't  paint as good as I can today.

For me this is a very satisfying thing to paint miniatures from my childhood the level that back then was way beyond my reach, and finally see how those model could look like.

Yes, I to started somewhere, and on the beginning my miniatures beginning looked just like everyone elses ;)

Unfortunately for me I couldn't find metal versions of GOTFC anywhere because Games Workshop started making them in much cheaper, and way worst material, which is the infamous "Faincast" resin.

As you will see on the photos I had to spent a lot of times on fixing holes, polishing surfaces and sometimes even resculpting a few details.

It was a lot of work, but I'm very happy with it (especially with the cloak).

In the end you can find 3 photos of GOTFC miniatures painted back when I was a teenager.

Unfortunately I don't have them anymore so those old photos are all I've got.

I hope you like how the miniature looks like.

Ps. As always this miniature was entirely hand painted with a brush, acrylic paints and the NMM technique.