Monday, February 23, 2015

Next wip and a red color recepie

So this a next wip picture with most of golden elements finished.

My technique of painting red color is the same as when I paint black so check out my tutorial:

Difference is of course in colors,  for painting red I used 4 of them:

Citadel Base- Khorne Red
Old Citadel- Blood Red
Vallejo Model Color- Clear Orange
Vallejo Air- Ferrari Red

and Vallejo Glaze Medium for glazes.

First I used mix of Ferrari Red and a black paint for a base coat, it had to be a very dark color. Next using technique which I described in my tutorial, I started painting with mixes of Khorne Red and Clear Orange. Of course final shining spots are painted only with Clear Orange. When it's all finished I have made very dilluted mix of Blood Red and Glaze Medium from Vallejo, and made 2 or 3 thin layers on whole painted area. At this step I tried to don't paint any black spaces, but if I did then I just had to make a few glazes with a black paint. After that step whole miniature is less orange and more red.
I hope you will find this "sort of" tutorial useful. ;)

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  1. I couldn't see the tutorial. All the glare from the nmm gold was blinding me :P That is just stunning!