Sunday, April 14, 2013

Scuffed Black Templar Cross tutorial

Today I decided to finally make some tutorial, and because I was actually making freehands on Dreadnougt, this article is about painting one, easy, scuffed Cross.

1. In the beginning I made few chaotic, small stains with Maskol on space where will be painted cross.

2. Naxt using bright, grey paint, I made two crossing lines, and 4 dot's between those lines.

3. Then I made 4 new dot's on the endings of lines, but a little bit more far from the line.

4. Then I just connected dot's

5. Next step is connecting edges of lines.

6. Then You just need to fill the cross. I recomend more layer's of very diluted paint. Its very important to have smooth surface.

7. Next use patafix, bluetack, toothpic or some kind of brush to remove maskol.

8. An that's how it looks when I finished this step.

9. Then, because I wasn't satified with this effect, decided to use sponge technique. All You need now is sponge ( I use those from blisters with miniatures ) and paint in colour like bacground of Cross. Then You dunk sponge in paint, rub too big amount of paint in tishue or piece of paper, and make chaoutic stains on surface of cross.

And that how it looks when I finished.

10. And now is the last step. I simply made few fast lines with black paint to make different kind of scratches.

And that how I made easy, scuffed Cross. I hope that this tutorial will be usefull for somebody.

Best wishes

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